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Reservations run from Saturday to Saturday. Deviations can sometimes be made on a last minute basis and are subject to availability.


All nightly rentals are subject to availability, and a minimum stay is required. Call us for restrictions and availability.

Winter Rentals

Monthly rates apply from October 1st and run until the Saturday before Easter or April 1st, whichever comes first. A one month minimum is required, and reservations begin and end on the first of each month.


We offer our current guests the opportunity to re-book the same property for the same week in the following year until noon on the day of their departure.. Tentative deposits are $50 for condominiums and $100 for houses, and are non-refundable and non-transferable unless the property becomes unavailable. All tentative reservations are accepted with the understanding that the rate is subject to change and that the property owner has the first choice of any week. All tentative reservations must be confirmed with a full deposit by January 15 of the following year.

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Check-in time is 4:00 PM, but your property may be ready early depending on our housekeeping schedule. Please register and pick up keys at the Dunes Realty office, located at 128 Atlantic Avenue, Garden City Beach, SC. (You may need to use Murrells Inlet as the city on your GPS.) We are open until 6:00 PM Sunday through Friday and until 8:00 PM on Saturday in-season, and late arrival instructions will be posted on the door of our office.

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Check-out time is 10:00 AM, and it is unlikely that we can offer a late checkout due to the need to prepare your property for the next guest. Please return your keys to our office after preparing the unit for departure and closing and locking all doors and windows. Should you leave prior to 9:00 AM, you may drop your keys through the slot in our door.

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Weekly reservations require an advance deposit (equal to one-half of the base rental amount) within ten days from date the reservation is made. Final payment including taxes, administrative fee and any additional items is requested 30 days prior to arrival. We can accept personal checks if we receive them at least 30 days prior to your arrival. Payments within 30 days may be applied to Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Canadian payments must be in U.S. funds.

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Returned Checks

A $20.00 service charge applies.

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Administrative Fee

All reservations are charged an administrative fee based on the property and the length of your stay. This fee is automatically added to each reservation at booking. It is non-refundable and cannot be applied to future reservations.

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Accidental Damage

In an effort to make your stay with us as stress-free as possible, we will repair accidental damages to your rental property incurred during your stay in the amount up to $1,000.00. Should damage occur, including but not limited to breakage or spills, please call us immediately. Please note that only accidental damage is included, subject to the discretion of our management, and we cannot be responsible for intentional acts of misuse of the property.

Dunes Realty and its property owners are not responsible for the damage, loss or theft of personal property, including but not limited to automobiles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, coolers, personal items and cash.

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Cancellations & Transfers

Once confirmed, reservations are not transferable to another property, as your deposit is held in trust specifically for the owner of the property in which you made your reservation. Should you cancel a confirmed reservation, you will forfeit your deposit (equal to one-half of your base rental rate) unless the property is able to be re-rented. All other prepaid monies will be refunded. Should the property be re-rented, all prepaid monies will be refunded. Note: If paid, the CSA Trip Insurance premium is not refundable.

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Vacation Protection Plan

Travel Insurance by Generali

You have the option of protecting your vacation investment through the purchase of trip insurance. Although this insurance is optional, it is recommended. It provides protection should you be forced to cancel, interrupt or delay your trip due to evacuation, serious illness or death of a family member.

Trip insurance is provided through Generali. You will be provided the Description of Coverage link in your Booking Confirmation. For more details on this valuable option, please click "Why Buy", call Generali at 866-999-4018 - plan code GR330 or call our office at 800-845-8191.

Please note that once purchased - after the 10-Day "Free Look" - this becomes a Non-Refundable fee.

For more information, visit Generali online or call 1-866-999-4018.

Benefits and services are described on a general basis. Certain terms and conditions may apply. For complete information on policy benefits, limitations and exclusions, please contact Generali at (866) 999-4018.

Generali Trip Insurance is not available for residents of NY and HI through Dunes Realty.  A purchase link is provided for those residents after booking on our confirmation page.

All Travel Insurance claims are completed through Generali Global Assistace (3rd party). Claims can be completed online through Generali’s eClaims website. Click on “Start a new claim” and follow the prompts.

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Capacity of Accommodations

Properties are restricted to the number of persons stated regardless of available bedding, with exceptions made only for infants. Misrepresentation may result in eviction without refund. Campers or recreational vehicles (RVs) are permitted for transportation only, and may not be “hooked up” to the property’s utilities or parked in any municipal right-of-way. Some condominium complexes may prohibit RVs entirely.

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NO house parties. Dunes Realty's property owners accept families only.
NO Groups. (Fraternity, Sorority, student, and singles) Misrepresentation will result in eviction without refund.
NO grilling on decks or porches.
NO fireworks on any of the premises.
NO moving of furniture.
NO phone calls charged to unit phone.
NO washing automobiles at unit.
NO motor home or camper hook up.

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While most of our properties adhere to a strict "No Pets" policy, a select number of our homes welcome dogs and are advertised as "Dog Friendly." However, for your own comfort and for the comfort and safety of our homeowners and other guests, there are certain restrictions that must apply.

  • Dog friendly properties accept dogs weighing under 35 pounds and at least one (1) year old, with a maximum of two (2) dogs per property. "Visiting" pets are not allowed.
  • A $200 non-refundable “Fido Fee” ($300 for two dogs) will be added to each reservation in a dog-friendly property.
    • This fee includes the additional services necessary to ensure the comfort of our guests, and will even cover housetraining "accidents" provided they are reported to us as soon as possible.
    • This fee does not cover damage to the property or grounds resulting from a dog, including but not limited to chewing, scratching, digging and unreported housetraining accidents.
    • Guests will be required to sign a waiver indicating that they understand and assume responsibility for any such damage, and a credit card must be kept on file to cover any such expenses. Damage attributed to a dog is not covered under our regular Damage Waiver.
    • Failure to follow these regulations will result in eviction without refund, as will the presence of a dog in any home not designated as Dog Friendly.
  • All local laws and regulations must be followed, and may vary depending on the location of your property. A partial list of those regulations most pertinent to our properties is as follows:
    • All pets must be leashed at all times in all jurisdictions.
    • Pet waste must be collected and properly disposed in all jurisdictions.
    • In Surfside Beach, dogs are not permitted on the public beach during the period between May 1 and Labor Day.
    • In Garden City Beach (Horry County,) dogs are not allowed on the beach between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM from May 1 through Labor Day.
    • In Garden City Beach (Georgetown County,) dogs must be leashed between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Dogs that are not leashed during other hours must be under voice control and owners must be able to demonstrate voice control to a law enforcement officer if asked.
  • Guests with dogs are asked to please respect the comfort and safety of other guests, both during and after your stay. For this reason, we ask that you please follow these guidelines during your time with us.
    • Please clean up after your dog, both in public areas and in the yard of your rental property.
    • Please do not allow your dog to bark excessively or to roam onto neighboring properties. Many of our homes are located near residential neighborhoods, and we must respect the comfort and privacy of those residents.
    • Please do not allow dogs on furniture or beds unless covered by a sheet or blanket that you provide. It is also helpful to bring something (bed, blanket, etc.) on which you know your dog will be comfortable sleeping.
    • Please groom your dog, particularly if it is a breed prone to shedding. Pet hair can be difficult to remove, and the next renter in your property may not have a dog.
    • Please don't leave your dog unattended for long periods of time. A crate is ideal for those situations in which you must leave.
    • Please do your best to clean and dry your dog after a walk; this will help us ensure a speedy check-in for all our guests.
    • Please do not allow dogs in swimming pools or hot tubs.
    • Please ensure that your dog's medications and immunizations are up-to-date, especially flea treatment.

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No-Smoking Units

Most properties are designated as non-smoking. We cannot guarantee that the property will be smoke free; however, we will make every effort to respect this request.

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Surfside Beach Public Smoking Ordinance

The Town of Surfside Beach has enacted a Public Smoking Ban within the town limits. The ban prohibits smoking in buildings used by the public, 30 feet from those buildings' entrances, on beaches, beach walkovers and in recreation facilities and parks. The ordinance does not affect properties, businesses and beaches located in Garden City Beach, Myrtle Beach or unincorporated areas of Horry or Georgetown Counties.

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Parking & Complex Amenities

Parking and other complex amenities are controlled by individual Home Owner Associations at condominiums and some housing communities. Parking permits are issued based on allocated space determined by individual condominium associations. Dunes Realty is not responsible for parking rules, towing or parking tickets, nor the upkeep or maintenance of amenities such as elevators, pools or common areas managed by an association. In most cases, golf carts (electric and otherwise,) are NOT PERMITTED at condominium complexes. Should you have problems, please call us and we will contact the appropriate property management company. Beach home parking is restricted by the physical limitations of the property.

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Properties are equipped with pillows, bedspreads, mattress pads and some blankets. In addition, our Beach Bundle complete linen package is included on all reservations, but is optional and may be declined should you elect to bring your own linens. Alternatively, bed and bath linens may be rented individually through our Guest Portal or by calling our office. Damaged, lost or stolen items are the responsibility of the renter. Changes or cancellations require a 48-hour notice, and we ask that you place your order at least three weeks prior to your arrival to ensure proper delivery.

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Departure maid service is included in your rental rate. Each property is equipped with a vacuum cleaner, broom and mop, although additional cleaning products are not provided. We ask that you help prepare your property for departure by emptying all interior trashcans, emptying the refrigerator and starting the dishwasher.

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Equipment & Furnishings

The rental properties are privately owned and are decorated and equipped to satisfy the particular tastes and desires of the individual owner. Conditions and furnishings vary according to age and care given by the owner. Do not rearrange furniture or remove any items from the property.

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Accessible Facilities

Please ask our reservationists for assistance if you require special facilities.

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Locked Closets

Some owners have private storage. These areas are absolutely not included in the rental, and NO TAMPERING is allowed!

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Tourism is the largest industry in the Garden City Beach and Surfside Beach area; new houses are always being built. We can not predict the location of all construction activity in the area and may not be able to inform you at the time you make your reservation whether or not your accommodations are near a construction site. Should you find yourself near construction, please exercise patience and understanding. In the event it becomes intolerable, we'll do our best to talk to the contractors, but no refunds or moves will be made.

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We cannot guarantee air conditioning, appliances, cable television or internet connectivity, and there can be NO REFUNDS should they fail. We strive to keep all of these items in good working condition, and will do everything possible to repair any malfunction within a reasonable time frame.

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Routine Maintenance & Agent Access

Dunes Realty, or its agents, may enter the premises for the purpose of completing necessary maintenance or for other necessary purposes. Oftentimes it is impossible to notify you in advance of this work. Occasionally, a vacation rental property is for sale and may be shown during your stay with us. Viewings are arranged in advance by our sales staff.

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Concierge Services

We offer our guests the use of copier, fax and wireless internet services free of charge in our main office. We’re also happy to provide you with a “local’s recommendation” on almost anything you and your family would like to do during your stay; just call or stop by at any time.

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Rental Items

Neither Dunes Realty nor its homeowners are responsible for any items rented through an outside agency. Rental items belong to the rental company and should be treated with care. If rental item(s) are lost or damaged, you will be responsible for repair or replacement cost. The Accidental Damage Waiver does not cover rental items. Rental items are generally delivered and picked up from properties.

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Lost & Found

Dunes Realty is not responsible for personal items left behind. Items not claimed after 30 days will be donated to a local charity. Any items requiring shipping will be given to a local mailing service for COD return.

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Phones, Messages & Mail

Mail sent to guests must be sent C/O Dunes Realty, at 128 Atlantic Avenue, Garden City Beach, SC  29576. Please include the guest's name, property name (and unit number, if applicable.) If someone is trying to reach a guest by phone, we will simply supply that person with the property phone number.

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Late Arrivals

Should you arrive at our office after 8:00 PM, arrangements will be made for you to pick up your keys. Please call us for details, or you will find instructions posted on our office door.

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Special Reminders

All town and community ordinances must be observed, and may vary by location. A complete (and updated) listing of these ordinances can be found by clicking on the following link. State and Local Laws

If your property isn't located on the oceanfront, please remember to respect private property and to only use the beach accesses provided.

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Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (golf carts) are subject to all laws and ordinances applicable to operations of a motor vehicle on public roads, including that all operators must possess a valid driver's license. Traffic laws and ordinances are enforced by local authorities. Guests shall comply with all applicable laws and ordinances, shall be liable for any damage or injury they or their invitees cause while operating an electric vehicle, and shall hold Dunes Realty free and harmless from liability for such damage or injuries. Damage to electric vehicles is not covered by the Accidental Damage Waiver.

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Heated Pools

Houses advertised with heated pools will be heated during the following time periods: March 1st - June 1st and September 1st - November 1st of each year. Please note that pool heaters will not operate if the air temperature surrounding the heat pump drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Wireless Internet Connections

Some of our properties offer wireless internet (WiFi) connectivity. Please note that this service is provided as a no-charge amenity by either the individual homeowner or the property's Homeowner's Association (in the case of some condominiums.) While we will make every effort to ensure that this service is operational during your stay, problems can arise that are beyond our control or that of the homeowner. For this reason, no refunds can be given in the event these services become unavailable during your stay. Complimentary access to wireless internet, computers and fax service are available to our guests in our main office during regular business hours.

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Although every effort has been made for accuracy, Dunes Realty is not responsible for errors in the brochure or on the website. Descriptions and rates are subject to correction or change without notice.