Choosing the company that will represent and safeguard your vacation home is a big decision.

Your investment should only be managed by the most trusted and caring team; one who will manage your property with a superior degree of professionalism. To do this, we’ve assembled the area’s most experienced and knowledgeable staff, all of whom would love to provide you with the service you deserve.

Marketing and Reservations

Without guests, the finest housekeeping, maintenance, administrative and accounting teams in the world can’t do much. Our mix of cutting-edge technology and good old-fashioned customer service ensures that our homeowners enjoy higher occupancy and rents than the competition. How do we do it?

Since becoming the first vacation rental company on the Grand Strand (and one of the first nationwide) to begin taking online bookings in 1999, we’ve continued to push the envelope in online marketing. Today, that means ensuring that and our properties remain as visible and accessible as possible rather than blindly posting properties on every rent-by-owner and distribution site on the Web. The end result is a less-cluttered marketplace and higher bookings for our owners.

Although it has become the largest piece of the puzzle, we certainly don’t stop with online marketing. Direct mail and print media also play a large part, as do the various branding efforts we employ to ensure that we remain in our guests’ decision-making processes throughout the year. In fact, we’ve been told on numerous occasions that our rental brochure’s arrival helps complete the family Christmas get-together.

Many guests would still prefer to speak with someone in person prior to making their vacation decision, and no company makes this easier than Dunes. First of all, every call is answered by a real, live, honest-to-goodness person… no pressing “0” for an operator here! Better yet, Jodi Bridschge’s staff is without a doubt the most professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff on the beach, and is the single biggest reason our guests return year after year. If that weren’t enough, our office remains open until 8:00 PM from January through the end of September, just to make sure that everyone who needs to talk to us is able to do so.

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Housekeeping and Laundry

There is little doubt that housekeeping represents one of the largest challenges in the vacation rental industry. Unlike a simple hotel room designed to be cleaned quickly and easily, rental properties with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, full kitchens and lots of “nooks and crannies” require a different approach. Add to this the fact that all this cleaning must be done within a window of just a few hours each week and it’s easy to see the challenges involved.

Fortunately, no one has more experience than Carrie Taylor’s team in handling properties of all shapes and sizes. Our “one-two punch” of housekeepers and inspectors helps to ensure that every guest arrives to find a spotless property and that our homeowners’ properties are protected.

Our state-of-the-art (and often-imitated) laundry facility gives us the ability to not only offer a wide range of fresh linen options to guests, but also allows us to safely and quickly clean any spreads, comforters, blankets or mattress pads that may become accidentally soiled during the course of the season. Fewer complaints from (and refunds to) guests equal happier owners!

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Property Care

The care and maintenance of vacation rentals carries its own unique set of challenges. Whereas two to three days for an air-conditioning or plumbing repair may seem normal in a residential setting, vacationers who are paying top-dollar for one week expect these problems to be handled immediately. A team experienced in the types of problems encountered at the beach is essential, and Kristine Gray and Aaron Napier lead the best in the business.

While our in-house maintenance staff can handle most problems quickly and easily, we also maintain access to the area’s top vendors for larger issues. Our size allows us both preferred pricing and priority, and we only bill our owners the exact amount of the vendor’s invoice with no mark-up.

Responding to problems is only part of what we do, however. Our off-season is spent securing and protecting properties through the winter, and we’ll assist you in getting upgrades and repairs completed in time for next season. We’ll even provide design help at no charge!

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Administration is usually the first point of contact for homeowners interested in joining the Dunes family, and no one keeps the process rolling as smoothly and efficiently as Kelley Gallagher and her team. It’s not unusual to see a property live (with photos!) on within 24 hours of our first contact with the owner, but the service doesn’t stop there. From taking photos, drawing floorplans, discussing the possibility of new amenities, suggesting rates, and making the sale of rental properties as easy as possible (among countless other tasks,) Administration can do it all.

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The words “accounting” and “accountability” are closely related, particularly when discussing the Trust Accounting employed in real estate. Everyone at Dunes takes that relationship seriously, and none more so than Elizabeth Bayer’s Accounting team.

Our General Manager is fond of telling the story of a deposit made to correct a bank transposition error… in the amount of one cent, with an actual penny taped to the slip. While that may be an extreme case, it is an accurate illustration of just how closely our trust account is managed. While our homeowners may find themselves worrying about the weather or the economy, they know that they’ll NEVER have to worry about a bouncing rental check.

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Best of the Beach!

Dunes Realty has been named the Best Vacation Rental Company on the Grand Strand by the readers of The Sun News for four years in a row, and seven of the last ten!

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