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As a smaller community, visitors may find the sandy shoreline of Garden City Beach to be less crowded. Spanning two different counties, Garden City Beach has different rules across the two. But not to worry, we have your guide to hitting the beach! Book a Garden City Beach vacation rental to enjoy proximity to this gorgeous stretch of sandy shoreline!  

Garden City Beach Access & Facilities

Horry County

  • Horry County features 22 access points for sandy beaches
  • Seasonal Restrooms at the majority of access points

Learn More About Horry County Access Points & Facilities

Georgetown County

  • Georgetown County features 22 access points for beaches
  • Beach access hours: Open: 1 hour before sunrise, Closed (April 15th — October 31st): 10:00 PM, Closed (November 1st — April 14th): 8:00 PM

Learn More About Georgetown County Access Points & Facilities\

Swimming & Surfing

  • Swimmers must always obey lifeguard instructions
  • Swimmers are not allowed to go deeper than chest-deep in the water
  • Surfing is allowed on the beach between sunrise and sunset
  • Surfing is not allowed within 75 yards of any piers

Learn More About Swimming & Surfing

Garden City Beach Rules

Horry County

  • Alcohol is prohibited on the beach
  • No fires are permitted on the beach
  • No glass is allowed on the beach
  • Fireworks are prohibited
  • Dogs are not allowed on the beach between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM from May — Labor Day. At other times dogs must be on a hand-held leash no longer than 7ft
  • Bicycles are not permitted on the beach between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM from May — Labor Day
  • Shading devices larger than circular umbrellas 7’6” in diameter are not permitted on the beach. Shades must be secured and cannot be left on the beach between the hours of 7:00 PM and 8:00 AM

For A Full List of Horry County Rules

Georgetown County Beach Rules

  • No alcohol on the beach
  • No glass on the beach
  • No vehicles on the beach or dunes
  • Tents and cabanas are permitted on the beach but can not be left overnight
  • No personal items within 25 ft of emergency beach access
  • Dogs must be leashed between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. During other hours, off-leash dogs must be under voice control that is demonstratable to law enforcement
  • No sleeping on the beach
  • Holes may not be deeper than 2 ft deep. Holes must be filled in and returned to their natural state before leaving the beach. Tools for digging may only include children's toys or small gardening tools

For a Full List of Georgetown County Beach Rules

Find a Garden City Beach Vacation Rental

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