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Pirates Voyage


Ahoy Matey! We be hoisting the Jolly Roger and tilting our sails to the wind. Pirates Voyage has docked in the paradise of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
The spirits of me pirates and buccaneers that once sailed the coast of the Carolinas have come to life in Myrtle Beach’s newest show in many years. Ye landlubbers will experience the swashbuckling excitement of two pirate camps as they battle for the lost treasure.
Beware matey!
Pirates Voyage just might take ye breath away as the Crimson and Sapphire pirates battle each other on deck, in the water and in the sky above their full-sized pirate ships in a 15-foot deep indoor hideaway lagoon to the cheers and delight of ye fans. Spectacular acrobatic competition, live animals and a brand new original music score by Dolly Parton will create an immersive adventure experience.
All this fun and adventure as ye enjoy a spectacular four course pirate feast.