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16 Dec 2021
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At the 2021 annual Vacation Rental Manager’s Association (VRMA) International Conference, Dunes' Housekeeping and Laundry Manager, Carrie Taylor, was awarded the “Housekeeping Professional of the Year.” We invite you to celebrate with us in recognition of her amazing work. We believe this award not only reflects on Carrie's excellent standards but also the outstanding experience our guests can expect when they book one of our Garden City Beach or Surfside Beach vacation rentals. 

Here is what our team had to say regarding Carrie’s excellent work:

Even during normal times, Carrie’s tasks of cleaning, inspecting, and delivering linens to better than 600 properties in six hours on a Saturday isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination, nor is the weeklong sorting, washing, drying, folding, wrapping, and packing process to get ready for the following week. Carrie’s ability to make our housekeeping process hum like a well-oiled machine is a major factor in Dunes remaining the leader in vacation rentals for 50 years.  

When 2021 came around, the Dunes team faced unprecedented demand paired with a shortage of labor that has plagued not only the team at Dunes but the entire country. 

Carrie was ready, preparing for staffing difficulties and organizing on Saturday mornings to ensure that the work would get done, regardless of how understaffed she found herself. The Dunes team faced another challenge when Carrie’s top lieutenant (and friend) had unexpected health concerns which needed to be addressed immediately. With her laundry lieutenant unable to assist, Carrie had to once again step up by adding all of those tasks to an already overloaded schedule.

Dunes' General Manager, Ryan Swaim, stated I don't even want to think about the hours she has devoted to making sure that they were all not only completed but completed well. 

From night shifts to extra Sundays to filling in any time any of her team needed a break, she has gone miles beyond anything we could have expected. We can't imagine anyone more deserving of the Housekeeping employee of the year.

We want to celebrate Carrie’s achievements and recognition in her receiving the “Housekeeping Professional of the Year” award from VRHP.  

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Congratulations Carrie and thank you for all your hard work and dedication!