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4/5 Rating
BC & BC Greeneville, TN

Staying at Deviled Crab was such a wonderful experience for the entire family. We were able to have our two little dogs, kids and grandkids with us and staying on the beach was beautiful. Other than a few minor repairs which with so much use is probably necessary for most houses and a little better equipped kitchen, we were very satisfied. We would return again and recommend it to others.

5/5 Rating
KB, Clayton, NC

This was a great find. The pictures don't do the place justice. The outside view is a polar opposite of the inside. The house was very roomy (we had 6 people and could have had twice that), the kitchen well stocked (contrary to another review) and everything extremely clean. We ate out one meal but cooked large dinners the other nights. We had everything we needed in the kitchen (we brought pots that we never unpacked). There were water spouts in 4 locations outside, allowing use to keep all the sand out of the house and wash the salt off of the windshields of the cars so we could see before driving away. My dad trouble walking on unlevel ground. From the wooden walkway to where we set up on the beach was less than 20 steps, and we set up at the edge of high tide. The wooden deck is closer to the house than the pictures show. The beach did not get crowded until after 1pm. Also, the trash can outside was empty! We go to the beach every year, and we usually have to sweep up sand daily and it's Tuesday before we can put trash in the can outside. This was our first time at this house but it's our place from now on!