MyDunesEscape Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyDunesEscape?

MyDunesEscape is our new guest benefits and vacation planning program. Click Here for a full list of benefits.

I signed up but I haven’t been able to log in.

Did you receive the verification email and click the link provided? Depending on your Email provider, it’s possible the verification email may have gone into your spam/junk folder. If you’re still not able to locate the email, you can have someone in your party who is registered re-send you an invitation or contact us at and we’ll help.

What is the Member Dashboard?

The member dashboard is the main screen you are taken to after logging in to MyDunesEscape in the top right hand corner of the screen. This is essentially your membership hub and through the FAQ we’ll explain how to access certain features from your Dashboard as a starting position.

Is my account data secure?

Absolutely. Dune’s Realty takes your privacy very seriously and therefore has placed the MyDunesEscape portal in a secure environment. We were unaffected by some of the most recent security breaches you may have read about. We will also never provide your information to any 3rd party.

How to I make a Vacation?

A couple of different ways…

Once logged in, you can add properties to a vacation from the property pages by adding them to your favorites Once you have established a shopping favorites, click the favorites in the top right hand corner of the screen (near the phone number). From here, you can click “Manage Vacations” and Name your Vacation. Once you name it, it’s been created. Log-in to MyDunesEscape and you’ll see the vacation in your dashboard.

You can also create a vacation by clicking “Add a New Vacation” from the Vacations link in navigation once you are logged in to MyDunesEscape.

-How do I invite someone to my Vacation?

Once the Vacation has been created. Click it from within your dashboard to bring up the full details. Click the "add and edit guest" button and add all the guests from your party. If they are already a MDE member, then they’ll be added to the vacation right away. If they have not yet signed up, you’ll need to locate them in the Guest sub-section of the vacation and click the invite button.

Where are my Past Reservations?

If you have stayed with Dunes Realty in the past 3 years, you will be able to access your previous stay data, for that time period, through MyDunesEscape. Once your logged into your member dashboard, click the “Vacations” link. You’ll see a tabbed view with the default set to Current. If you click past you’ll find your previous vacations with Dunes’ Realty.

I still can’t see them? - Our system is able to find you by your email address. If you used a different email address in the past, that’s ok. You will need to go through and add your past reservations by using your old reservation numbers if you have them. If not, email us at and we can associate them with your new email address for you as well.

Where is my Reservation Number?

Your reservation number should have been mailed to you with your confirmation email. If you need help finding it call us or email us at

Can I pull up these Coupons on my phone?

You can! MyDunesEscape’s member area is compatible with smart phones through our use of responsive design. Use your phone to access the coupon unless there is language from the local business within the coupon stating otherwise.

Can Dunes read messages between different people in my party?

We can’t and we have no intention of ever doing so. Conversations among those in your party are private and we value your privacy.

My Promotions section is empty but other people in my party have offers, why?

The promotions tab syncs directly with our email marketing promotions. If you are new to Dunes Realty and MyDunesEscape you probably just haven’t received any of our special marketing offers yet. Don’t worry, you will very soon.